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Truth be told, traditional approaches to integration are really about keeping persistence at the points, within the source or target systems, and replicating data as needed. However with the use of true services, there is a clear advantage in keeping some persistence at a central-tier, for any number of legitimate reasons. Let's explore this in the context of an SOA. Indeed, as we become better at building services we need to understand the infrastructure that the services will leverage, including orchestration, security, management, and data, and where those functions need to reside in the architecture. While SOAs are like snowflakes - every one a bit different, it's helpful to understand the requirement patterns that will lead to specific architectural decisions. Keep in mind that once these decisions are made, they are not easy to undo later. Before we dive into ... (more)

Building a SOA...

While the notion of SOA continues to emerge, those who are implementing SOAs today are faced with a variety of challenges, including the complexities of SOA, and the work involved with understanding their existing problem domain and requirements. Those who want to get SOA right the first time quickly understand the benefits of a sound architecture and a good set of SOA design approaches. However, the understanding of how you approach your SOA, and best practices around building a SOA, are clearly lacking. Those who are looking to gain the benefits of SOA are perplexed by the wid... (more)

SOA, On-Demand, Becoming a Reality

If you've kept up with SaaS and SOA you know that does an on-demand SOA solution. Apex is its on-demand development and deployment platform, including a complete development environment, programming language, database, and now the ability to create, expose, and consume Web Services. Its on-demand platform has been evolving for some time, and now it's moving into the SOA space with an offering that's both disruptive and innovative. I'm not sure too many out there saw SOA on-demand coming, but if anybody can pull it off, can. From its press release: "... (more)

Do You Have a DSG (Dumb SOA Guy) Issue?

I get these about once a week: an e-mail from a Yahoo or Google e-mail account that talks about issues within a large enterprise that are related to building their first instance of SOA. The fact is that most of these e-mails are not around proper approaches or the right enabling technology; they are around the people issues. Specifically, the emerging existence of Dumb SOA Guy(s), or what I call DSGs. DSGs are those people (sorry ladies, I'm including you with "guys" as well) who seem to have the political power within the IT organizations, but don't have a clue as to what a SOA... (more)

Approaching Cloudsizing

You've heard of downsizing and rightsizing, so how about Cloudsizing? As properly defined, Cloudsizing is: The improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of an organization through the selective use of computing resources that are delivered over the Internet Simple but powerful, and fairly obvious, considering all that's been written about Cloud Computing recently. However, what is not obvious is how you approach Cloudsizing, or how you get started. Thus, the purpose of this column/article, and the next three, is to introduce you to both the notion of Cloud Computing and how to d... (more)